Why Euro Flight Training?

    Many flight schools can provide you with training towards a licence. But at Euro Flight Training we pride ourselves on not only delivering the required training but also sharing our passion for aviation.

    We don’t just want you to leave with a licence, we want you to leave with confidence, a real understanding of the theoretical and practical aspects, and most of all a love of flying.

    Whether you want to be a commercial pilot or fly for your own pleasure, we believe that solid, thorough basic training is the foundation on which you can base whatever else you want to do. But we also believe that whether flying is your job or your hobby, it should be be something you love. We want to teach you to be a great pilot, but we also want you to really have fun during your training. We truly believe that it is possible to combine fun and training, and we can provide all of that in a glorious French Mediterranean setting.

    • Specialising in full time intensive courses that will maximise your progression. It is possible to complete a full PPL within 3 to 4 weeks if completed in the minimum required hours. If you are struggling to finish your PPL in the UK due to the lovely weather or you would just like a short intensive course at any point in your PPL we can provide this.

    • Highly experienced Instructors motivated to getting you through the licence. We want you to enjoy your training whilst achieving the highest standards

    • Dedicated Ground school Instructor

    • Modern, clean, well equipped aircraft (most with glass cockpits)

    • CAA overview/governance- English-EASA compliant

    • English speaking environment, ratings at approved level

    • Fully equipped airfield and full air traffic control so you are exposed to correct procedure from day one, and can fly in a wide variety of air space to give you more experience and confidence. You can return home happy to mix with commercial traffic and confident in any airfield environment.

    • Modern, well equipped training facilities with air conditioning, student rest area and refreshments provided

    • On site engineering facilities reducing aircraft down time and ensuring aircraft are tailored to our requirements

    • Excellent year round flying

    • Great Winter getaway – don’t sit at home staring at fog and rain and suffering from interrupted training, combine your flying with winter sun. And being so close to the Pyrenees you could always mix in some skiing while you’re here

    Great place for a holiday with the family while you learn to fly! Perpignan is a beautiful medieval city offering the best of French living with strong Spanish influences. The historic seat of the Kings of Mallorca, Perpignan has winding streets, tucked away tree lined squares and a relaxed Mediterranean feel. After a day’s flying, wander along the shaded river bank before stopping at one of the many superb restaurants in the city. Enjoy a chilled glass of gorgeous local French wine whilst sampling the local tapas – in Perpignan you will find the seamless mixing of French and Spanish cultures.

    The surrounding villages are charming, the scenery is stunning and the weather is fabulous. The Mediterranean is a short drive away, so families can enjoy the usual water sports, sailing and beach activities. Or perhaps venture into the Pyrenees and explore the area on foot or bicycle, or for the more adventurous, try white water rafting! Spain is easily reached by road, rail or air, with Barcelona less than 2 hours away. Many southern French cities are only a few hours away. The local area is a great source of food, art and wine, so whatever you or your companions could wish to do or see, it should be possible to find it nearby.

    More Sun = More Flying Time  

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