Our Simulators

We currently have two Diamond manufactured flight simulators, a Diamond DA40NG and DA42NG, both fully FNPTII approved for flight training, which not only count towards the hours required for a licence but can be extremely useful in a variety of other situations. As they are supplied by the aircraft company and made from real aircraft cockpits, they are identical in every way to the real aeroplane, making your transition from the simulator to real life as stress free and easy as possible.

Simulators allow students to practice in-flight emergencies and hazardous situations without the threat of any true danger. In simulated flight, you have the freedom to make mistakes that might be impossible to survive in the real world. Using simulators to practice identifying, assessing and mitigating risk will help learn how to avoid dangerous situations in the first place.

They are also invaluable to practice instrument (precision and non-precision) approaches as it means you can continually reposition in the approach to gain the most from your time. It’s also much cheaper as you don’t have to pay the airport’s approach fees.

For new students it’s a great tool to feel more comfortable with the aircraft, practicing the start up and shut down procedures before their first flight.

Examples of how you can effectively use our simulators:
— Revalidations (every other year) –
                   SE IR
                   ME IR
— 5 hours towards your 45 hour PPL course
— 5 hours towards your IMC / IR(R)
— 30 hours towards your SE IR
— 35 hours towards your ME IR
— 5 hours towards the BIFM for CPL

  • 1st January 2019


    Building Acquired

    New unit designated to hold 2 of the simulators is handed over

  • 28th January 2019

    Simulators Arrive

    All 3 Simulators arrive from the Diamond facility in Germany


    28th January 2019

  • 29th January 2019


    First Crate Undone

    DA40 Cockpit crate undone ready for installation

  • 11th February 2019

    GTS Team Arrive

    Team from Diamond Simulations arrive to install both the DA40 & DA42 simulators at Lee-On-Solent


    11th February 2019

  • 15th February 2019


    Avionics Live

    Garmin G1000 system powered up for the first time

  • 30th April 2019

    Graphics Calibrated

    RSi Visual send an engineer over from Texas to finish the calibration


    30th April 2019

  • 4th June 2019


    Air-Con Installed

    High Power Air-Con installed to offset the heat from the server racks

  • 8th July 2019

    QTG Tests Complete

    Initial qualification data is sent to the UK Authority after significant testing


    8th July 2019

  • 23rd September 2019


    UK CAA Audit

    UK Aviation Authority visit Solent to test and qualify both devices

  • 8th October 2019

    Simulators Approved

    Both devices receive FNPT II certification allowing flight training to commence


    8th October 2019