United Kingdom

  • Location

    Located between Portsmouth & Southampton, in an area with a strong aviation heritage, stunning coastal scenery and the beautiful Isle Of Wight just a short flight away

  • GA Airport

    Originally a Naval seaplane base opened in 1917, now a growing airport which has future plans for growth and expansion with new facilities being added all the time

  • Transport

    Quick access by road or train via Fareham with easy access to London and its International Airports

Merlin House

4 Meteor Way



United Kingdom

PO13 9FU



  • Location

    One of the Southern most cities in France, it has reliable sunny weather throughout most of the year whilst being within short flying distance of both the mountain scenery of the Pyrenees, and the stunning Mediterranean coastline

  • International Airport

    Easy access via scheduled airline flights, and with full Air Traffic Control and airport facilities for both GA and Airliners. The airport is around 15 minutes from the City Centre

  • Local Culture

    Fantastic local vineyards and classic Catalan cuisine located in an ancient city which serves as a modern summer season destination

Aerosmith 66

Avenue Maurice Bellonte