Conducted by highly experienced flying instructors (we don’t use instructors who are just hour building waiting for an airline job), who are dedicated to making the training fun whilst maintaining the highest standards. Our instructors have thousands of instructional hours and have themselves flown everything from vintage biplanes and aerobatic displays to commercial passenger aircraft.

However they all have one goal: to make your training experience not only comprehensive but also enjoyable.

Our range of aircraft (listed below) offers modern, comfortable and varied options to suit you, all with up to date instrument and navigation systems to give you the best possible experience and foundation training. Depending on what you require and your budget, as well as what you want to fly once qualified, we can provide you with a suitable aircraft so you learn in the most beneficial way right from the start of your training.

Diamond DA40

Diamond DA42

Fuji FA200

Cirrus SR20

From Spring 2019 we will have installed a DA40 and DA42 simulator

Once you have a licence it is a great place to come and fly or hour build to gain experience in one of our aircraft.

Structured hour building available: tailor your flying to suit your needs not just gain hours, so you will become a better pilot. We can advise on suitable routes and advise ways you can maximise your achievement.

Situated near the Spanish/French border, we can offer international flying experience very easily – we can ‘demystify’ the process to give you confidence. You can then return home to any country knowing that you have experienced and trained in an international setting – literally making the world your oyster (or at least Europe!)

Easily accessible from most European countries by air, road and rail.