Ground school

There are 9 subjects to study at PPL/LAPL level. These are: Air Law, Operational Procedures, Navigation, Meteorology, Human Performance, Flight Planning and Performance, Principles of Flight, Aircraft General Knowledge and Communications.

Many people find these subjects daunting at first, however not only are they a regulatory requirement but they really do give you a more thorough understanding of all aspects of your practical flying. At Euro Flight Training we are committed to not just ‘getting you through’ your exams, but ensuring you have a proper understanding of them, all delivered in a relaxed, dedicated learning environment, housed in a modern purpose built classroom complex with attached engineering facility for a close up view of real aircraft to assist you.

  • Complete ground school training, either full training or brush up training if you have done some self study before the course.

  • All training in English

  • Fulfils the EASA 100 hour ground training requirement

  • Course completion certificate

  • Experienced ground school instructor

  • Specialist lessons can be group/individual

  • Bespoke packages available

  • Package includes study guide material plus extras

  • 5 day brush up for those who have undertaken 70 hours of previous home study or 10 day extended course for those who need more study time, with all exams taken on site within the course time frame.

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