About Us

“We want to provide the highest quality training in the highest quality aircraft to give you the best possible experience. “

Our team of passionate flying instructors are focussed on delivering the highest standard of training. They have a huge wealth of experience between them, to ensure you have a professional and enjoyable tuition. Our fleet is tailored to training pilots from first Pilots Licence (EASA PPL or LAPL) through to further advanced training (Multi-Engine, Instrument Rating, SE-IR, ME-IR and CPL). We have worked hard to make sure we create a balance between professionalism and fun without being intimidating.

Our base at Solent Airfield, Hampshire is specifically designed as a flying school, with a large classroom for ground school teaching, two top of the range CAA approved Diamond simulators (DA40NG and DA42NG) and several smaller briefing rooms for one-to-one teaching, along with a large open social space for plenty of hot beverages.

The runway here is a long, well maintained, tarmac runway, but when the weather isn’t kind to us we also have the advantage of our Perpignan base on the South Coast of France.

We could add lots of pictures and anecdotes here from our instructors’ past flying, but this is not about them, it’s about you and introducing you to the amazing world of flying.

Our Values:

Students come first – Highest customer satisfaction, safety and welfare are at the heart of everything we do. We always have time for our students.

Invest in what matters– We have invested in start of the art aircraft, modern simulators and the very best training staff in the industry.

Respect the Profession– We understand the aviation industry and what makes an excellent pilot.

Everyone is different– Not everyone learns at the same pace. We vary our teaching methods to get the very best from every student.

The flying school operates seven days a week and our door is always open, so feel free to drop by for a chat and a coffee.