About Us

Who are we you say? (We’d be checking this page first as well!) An important question when you want to learn to fly. After all, you want to feel that you are learning from experienced instructors and getting value for money,  but you don’t want to be intimidated by someone with lots of gold bars and a hat as if they are the captain of a great cruise ship. We know the feeling and have worked hard to make sure we create a balance between professionalism and fun without being intimidating. We want to provide the highest quality training in the highest quality aircraft to give you the best possible experience. However, if we do ever add a cruise ship to our fleet we’ll be sure to get a suitable hat!

We are a new business but backed by very experienced and enthusiastic people. We could add lots of pictures and anecdotes here from our instructors’ past flying, but this is not about them, it’s about you and introducing you to the amazing world of flying.

The picture above is of the hangar and on site maintenance facility where all our aircraft are carefully looked after.