The RT courses we run are specifically aimed at not only preparing the student for the written and practical exam but also giving a thorough working knowledge of using the radio in real world situations including flying abroad.  The training is carried out by our experienced RT examiner and covers not only the basic information but also the use of modern aircraft equipment such as Mode S transponders and ADS-B .  Following on from the theory are various practical sessions simulating flights that a typical licence holder may fly including flights through various types of airspace.  The practical lessons finish with a practice route in our FNPT2 DA40 simulator which gives the student the chance to put all that has been learned into practice while actually flying an aircraft and operating modern radios in the form of the Garmin 1000.  Following on from this is the written and then practical RT exam.

A summary of the course content is below.

Two  lecture sessions covering CAP413 plus many additional useful real world RT skills

Three practice sessions using Skydemon as a classroom simulator practising several typical routes through various types of airspace as well as a practice session covering the typical RT that would be encountered  flying into France.

One session in the FNPT2 simulator with full glass cockpit and visuals.

Written Communications exam.

Practical RT exam.

Total price for the above is £420.