(All prices include VAT and instructor in the dual prices)

Aircraft / DeviceDual – Per HourSolo Hire (licence holders only)- Per Hour
Fuji FA-200/Cessna 172£220£180
Diamond DA40-PPL training£270N/A
Diamond DA40-other training excluding IR training£270£250
Diamond DA40 FNPT II Simulator£160£130
Diamond DA42 FNPT II Simulator
Please enquire
DA40 IR(R) / IR / CPL Training£310N/A
DA40 Sim IR(R) / IR / CPL Training£210N/A
Diamond DA42 IR and multi engine training£570£510
Landing Fee – single engine£8.50 / landing or touch and go
Landing fee – multi engine£22
Monthly membership fee£20
Please note due to the current unprecedented rise in fuel prices we are having to impose a fuel surcharge. These figures may change at short notice and are per hour including VAT.
Prices correct at 28/08/22
DA40 £13.13
DA42 £26.26
C172/Fuji £26.40
Ground SchoolPrice
Per Hour£45
Per Day£230
Brush up Course & Exams£720
R/T TrainingPrice
Full course & practical exam£420
Practical exam £140