Single engine IR (SEIR)

Any pilot wanting to fly under IFR (Instrument Flight Rules) must have an Instrument Rating added to their licence, allowing flight in cloud and reduced visibility. You can fly under IFR and down to a minimum decision height of 200’ using an instrument approach.

At Euro Flight Training we have one of the very few approved single engine FNPT II simulators in the UK. Manufactured by Diamond, the DA40NG simulator is an actual aircraft cockpit and so perfectly replicates the DA40NG aircraft, meaning you don’t have to adapt to new avionics and controls when you move on to the aeroplane. This means your training can continue seamlessly, saving time and confusion.


Course pre-requisites:

Valid PPL (A) (with R/T licence) or CPL (A) or ATPL in another aircraft category

Class 1 medical, or Class 2 medical with Audiogram

Night rating if you want to operate at night

50 hours cross country flight time as PIC in aeroplanes, TMGs, helicopters or airships, of which at least 10 hours must be in aeroplanes

Completed set of IR or ATPL theory exams

Flying training

50 hours instrument time under instruction including:

35 hours in an FNPT II simulator

15 hours in a single engine aeroplane

(CPL holders with a certificate of completion for the Basic Instrument Flight Module are exempt from that element of the IR course (10 hours))


These can be undertaken in either the aircraft or (for revalidations) the simulator. Requirements may vary depending on circumstances so please enquire for details.


35 hours DA40NG FNPT II simulator

15 hours DA40NG aircraft

All flying and ground briefings

* All prices include VAT @ 20% *


Landing fees at other airports

Approach fees

Aircraft hire for test

Examiner fee for test

Licence issue fee

Any training required over the course minimums above

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